Saturday, 26 March 2016

Never judge a book by its cover!

Life's irritation number 15

Don't you just hate it when they change a book's cover (or even the title) so you don't know whether you have read it!

I know, I know, I have been away for a long time, over a year but my day job has succeeded in getting in the way of almost everything but particularly blogging. I have started any number of posts during that time but completed none. You however, dear reader, have continued to visit,so much so that there have now been over five thousand page visits in total! All I can say is Wow. So I am dusting off one I prepared earlier, finishing it and I will really try to be more regular with my posts from now on.

Lots of knitting blogs have regular book reviews, mostly instructional or pattern books but I have to admit that I am a sucker for a knitting novel. Knitting novel, I hear you say, you mean there is such a thing as a knitting novel?  Well, yes actually there are a number and I have read quite a few of them.

There is the lovely Blossom Street series written by the prolific Debbie Macomber. Set in Seattle, these ten books (so far) tell the story of Lydia, who after surviving two bouts of cancer opens a yarn shop and teaches knitting to local women, of mixed ages and from different backgrounds, who have trials, troubles and successes of their own. Drawn to knitting for various reasons they form lasting friendships and their lives are followed to varying degrees though subsequent books. It is probably a good idea to read them in order as Lydia and her family appear in them all but as each book introduces new characters they can also be read as stand alone books. These are my go to books when I want something light to read and it always feels like catching up with old friends!

Another favourite series of books set in a small seaside town in the UK are Gil McNeil's three books about Jo who, after the death of her husband moves from London to take over her Gran's wool shop. We first meet her in Diva's Don't Knit. Unfortunately this is the book that's title was changed when it was published in the USA where it was called The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club. This addition came out in 2009 and should have only been available in that part of the world but with the ease of internet book stores it upset many fans who ordered it thinking it was an addition to  this much loved series, I, myself, got caught but passed it on as a gift to a friend. Jo and her children's adventures can be followed in Needles and Pearls and Knit One Pearl One.

Meanwhile in the US, another single mother is running a yarn store in Kate Jacobs series starting with The Friday Night Knitting Club and followed with Knit Two and Knit the Season.

Although I have not read them myself, there are loads of knitting novels that will appeal to those who like murder mysteries; eight in the Black Sheep Knitting Mystery series by Anne Canadeo, eleven Seaside Knitters Mystery books by Sally Goldernbaum and thirteen in A Knitting Mystery series by Maggie Sefton, set in various American states, knitting women solve local murders.

I understand that there are also books featuring magic and knitting but other personal favourites of my own are Knitting by Anne Bartlett and The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood.

If you have read any of this genre and want to share you favourites post a comment and let me know.

And what's on my needles right now?

I have actually managed to do some knitting over the last year, I would have gone mad if I hadn't been able to do that! 

I'm a bit of a starter but not very good at finishing so something I need to concentrate on during the rest of the year is working on my many UFO's (unfinished objects for those not in the know). I did manage a hat for a Christmas present but forgot to take a photo of it.

I am just casting off a Shedeer shawl for my mother in Debbie Bliss Rialto DK having shown her the balls of wool in a bag at Christmas she is hoping it will be finished by Mothering Sunday.

Because it is so big it is no longer portable and as I have to have knitting to take out and about with me I have started my Linus on the line Kit by Midwinter Yarns in the colour ways that I selected at Gwlana last October (remind me to tell you about it some time).

So bye for now and I'll try not to leave it so long before the next time!